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What do you mean by “white label?”

White label refers to a product or service that is purchased by a reseller who rebrands the product or service to give the impression that it means the product or services created by the new owner. White label products are often produced via mass production by the new owner.

Do you have a Partner Agreement I need to agree to when I become a Partner?

Yes, we have a partner agreement you need to agree when you purchased our partner program.

What is the cost to become a Zingox partner?

Zingox has 3 License type, you can check full features and license comparison on pricing page

Partner License ( Rs 9000 yearly )

Leads License ( Rs 19000 yearly )

Booster License ( Rs 29000 yearly )

As a Partner, will I have a point of contact? Someone who can help me get new clients on board and answer my questions?

Zingox will assign you a dedicated Manager to Contact and to solve your Queries. Also provide Technical, Marketing and Sales support.

Under your Partner Program, what if my client has a question about their account? How is this handled?

Under Our Partner Program if your client has a question Our company will provide you Technical Support to solve your query.

What’s the difference between the White Label Reseller Program and the Affiliate Program?

White Label Reseller Program is a program in which the new owner rebrands the product and services to give the impression. In WhiteLablel solution, Identity of the Service Provider is totally hidden and you will able to sell products on your company brand name and web store is also setup on your own custom domain.

Affiliate Program is an online sales strategy that gives service/facility to a product owner to increase sales by giving authority to others targeting the same audience to earn a commission by recommending the product to others.

Why should I Join Zingox Partner program?

You are free to Resell Our Digital Products & Services With Your Own Brand Name. Manage your business with these simple yet powerful tools as following:

1: Launch your own online Store at your own domain name with our 100+ preloaded Readymade Products (Websites, Mobile Apps, Softwares and Digital Marketing Services etc)

2: No Coding and Technical skill required. You just need to Resell our products and delivery handle by us.

3: Earn unlimited by set your own profit margin per product and Customer payment directly received in your Bank account by credit/debit/Net Banking/Wallet/UPI Methods etc.

4: You can boost your sales by making new reseller store under your partner store.

5: Get Daily Leads from Zingox. We share interested users Mobile and email details with you and you can easily convert them into customer.

6: Get Email and WhatsApp Marketing tools to easily promote your store.

7: Dedicated Manager assign to you for Technical, Marketing and Sales support to grow your business.

We will help you and also provide you FREE Training. Suitable for all people who want to start a business or establish their business online, become successful and earn well.

I am interested in the partner program. How can i sign up as a partner?

First you have to visit url:

Application form is open, you need to fill all the details and submit.

Please include as much detail as possible before submitting. Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you

How i can earn from Zingox Partner Program?

You can earn by 4 different methods

1. You can earn by promoting digital products. Profit margins per product set by you and there is no upper limit.

2. You can earn by creating resellers. You can sell Reseller License at your own Price.

3. Earn by Web Hosting Yearly Renewals.

4. Earn by Reseller License renewals

My business has a presence in multiple countries. Do I need to sign up for the Partner Program in each country?

No, If your business has presence in multiple countries you are not required to sign up separately for each country.

How can the Zingox help my business?

Zingox will help you to mange & grow your Store Sales by offering you seamless and integrated experience by

1. Zingox setup Partner store on your domain name and provide 100+ Ready to sell products.

2. Software Development and Delivery handle by us.

3. Assign you dedicated manager to handle your technical queries.

4. Provide you marketing and Sales support to grow your sales.

5. Provide helps in generating new Resellers License.

6. Provide Quality Leads on daily basis.

7. Provide you Email and Whatsapp Marketing tools to boost your sales

Where do I login into my Partner Portal?

Follow these easy steps:
Step 1. Go to Zingox Partner Login page.
Step 2. Login using your username and password. Partner Dashboard appears upon successful login.

How and when will I be paid?

Partner License Activated in 5 easy steps

Step 1. Apply for Partner program

Step 2. Reviewing your Application

Step 3. Submit Required Documents

Step 4. Make License Payment

Step 5. License Activation

How can i create my customers website and how can i pay for that?

You no need to create website and software for your customers. You just need to resell our software by adding your profit margins rest Delivery and Development handle by us.

Is there any limitation of earn money?

No, there is no bar of earning money with Zingox Partner Program

How can I integrate payment gateways?

After joining partner program, our technical team will help you to integrate payment gateway in your website.

How can I place custom orders for my client?

You need Booster License to place custom orders on Zingox. we provide quotes for only 5 custom order per month

What will be the delivery time of products?

Product delivery of each product is different. It varies from 24 Hours to 15 days.

How partners can create Resellers?

You can create Resellers under your partner store. You just need to purchase Reseller License from us and Sell at your own Price.

How partners and Resellers get benefits from this Program?

Resellers are those who working under Partners. They sell Partner's products on their own price and generate sales for you.

For Example

You are join as Partner and you get 100+ product from Zingox at Low (B2B) Pricing.

We take a example of 1 Zingox product price Rs 5000.

You set your own profit margin Rs 3000 and Product price show on your partner store Rs 8000

Suppose you Create 5 resellers under you and they Resell your products on their own pricing like

Reseller 1 Resell at Rs 10000
Reseller 2 Resell at Rs 9000
Reseller 3 Resell at Rs 11000
Reseller 4 Resell at Rs 15000
Reseller 5 Resell at Rs 9800

Partner Benefits: Your sales increase because 5 Resellers working for you. They increase your sales for earning their own profit margins.

Resellers Benefits: They earn more money by reselling your products at own profit margins

This Partner Program is Win-Win-Win situation for Zingox, Partners and Resellers.

What is the business value for your clients — why would they buy it from you

Business Value is the perception of what a product or service is worth to a Customer v/s the possible alternatives. Worth means whether the Customer feels s/he or he got benefits and services over what s/he paid.

7 Reasons Why Your Client Will buy from you:

1. Software industry is a huge industry and you can easily get clients online.

2. We provide software at B2B pricing and you can easily resell at market price.

3. Now a days customer wants to pay online, You can easily receive payment by Net Banking, Credit/Debit, Wallets and UPI Methods etc.

4. Your online store is 24 Hours live and generate business for you.

5. You can Resell products to All over the world, there is no Geo-Location Limitations.

6. Products Marketing is very cheap by digital marketing methods.

7. Product Development and Delivery is super fast and there is no Hassle of technical handling.

Can you create live demos with the product to enhance sales efforts?

Yes , we create live demos with the product to enhance sales efforts.

Is it a cloud-based solution that you can set up on your own domain?

Yes, it is a cloud-based solution that can set up on your own domain.

How secure is partner site and and clients data?

Your partner store is empowered with SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). and your clients data is fully secured and encrypted.

How frequently is the product updated or bugs fixed?

Zingox is on the mission of providing reliable and high quality digital solution. We continually improve security and speed of our all cloud based solutions and updates regularly new features and improvements.

How frequently are new features added to the software?

According to Our customer requirements and market research new features will be added/updated to the software.

What is their business strategy? (Are they purely white label or do they also sell directly to your market under their own brand?)

Yes, Zingox partner program provides you a purely white label business plan. According to our Zingox partner program you are totally free to rebrand and sell at your own price.

Does Zingox offer free product training?

Yes, Zingox will offer you a free product training.

How quickly can i start reselling their products?

After your Partner license Activation, From Day 1 you can able to update product pricing and start reselling products and services.

Can a partner get any free tools for marketing?

This depends on your partner program plan.

Partner License: No Marketing Tools

Leads License: Email Marketing Tool only

Booster License: Whatsapp and Email Marketing Tools

What are the Benefits Of White Label Partner Program ?

Let me tell you why our White Label Partner Program can be very useful

White Label Partner Program boosts the visibility of your brand.

White Label Partner Program strengthens the loyalty of clients.

White Label Partner Program allows you to take advantage of expert work.

White Label Partner Program provides your brand with a refined product.

White Label Partner Program saves your time and money.

It gives you the advantage of your choice.

White labeling takes the pressure off.

What services can I sell through partner programs?

With Zingox partner program you can resell following services:

Website Development

Mobile Apps

ERP Softwares

Digital Marketing Services

Where can I set prices?

After Login to your partner site dashboard, You can view all products and can set your own price per product and update it.

How can I get support?

Our Customer Support, you’ve never experienced before. You can get support by different methods

1. Visit Knowledge Base

2. Visit our Blogs

3. Partner Ticket Support

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